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The Importance of Influence

WHO and WHAT we allow to INFLUENCE us, will ultimately go on to dictate our value and belief systems, and determines the lifestyle we eventually go onto live.

Everyday we are influenced. It’s why we wear the clothes we wear and like what we like because we have been influenced to think a certain way.

There is nothing wrong with being ‘easily influenced’ despite what the majority of people might say – as long as you are influenced by the right sources.

Everyone is at a certain stage in his or her life because of the decisions we have made which have led to us being where we are today. And the decisions we make are based on what influences us. If you want the next 3/5/10 years of your life to be different from the last 3/5/10 years then something has to change, and that change has to start with yourself and your mindset.

I would never go to the gym and ask for advice from someone who is in worse shape than me. Nor would I take advice on an exam from someone who failed it – to myself and most others that just would not make sense.

What I’ve found in the last couple of years though is that too many people take career advice from people who are not in the position they want to be in – and to me, that just does not make sense.

“Never be influenced by someone you would not trade places with.”

When I buy a house and have a family I will speak to my parents as they have both. But because neither had the career that I wanted for myself, it did not make sense for me to allow them to influence me in regards to my career.

I can appreciate that not being influenced by those closest to you may be hard to do, for that exact reason…that they are those closest to us, and have our best interests at heart. But if I am trying to achieve levels of success no one around me has achieved then I need to seek out new influences.

The language of success is universal. It requires an unbeatable work ethic, an unbreakable attitude and a mentor who has achieved what you’re trying to achieve – because only they can teach you how to do it.

So be easily influenced…just make sure it’s by the right people!

“The right influences make a positive impact on your career and your personal life, and elevate you to the next level.”

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