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NXT Wave review the importance of networking

NXT Wave review the importance of networking

Following his attendance at an industry conference, which was held in London last weekend, NXT Wave’s Managing Director has discussed the importance of networking with peers and industry professionals as it reinvigorates a business owner’s zest and passion for their business.

Continuous learning and development is an essential business model component if a company wants to stay competitive. The full-service marketing firm, NXT Wave runs on the ethos that they are only as good as the people they work with and as the firm consistently looks to the future, NXT Wave are frequently seeking out developments in techniques that they can apply to their business model. To remain leaders within the industry, NXT Wave ensures they are industry innovators and frequently expose their contractors to seminars and workshops that focus on self-development, emerging consumer trends and how to enhance existing skills.

Last weekend, NXT Wave attended an industry event where they networked with top industry professionals, discussed the future of their industry and shared expertise. The firm’s Managing Director, Jamiesh Holait, commented that ‘if you stay surrounded by people who share the same drive, ambition, and motivation, it is more likely that you will achieve success in business. Therefore, these events are so important for our contractors and entrepreneurs because it is a chance for them to network with like-minded professionals to share experiences and get advice.’

The group gathered at the Park Plaza London Riverbank for talks from peers to hear their success stories and industry professionals shared how to overcome challenges. Jamiesh Holait reports how this event and the subsequent networking session has invigorated the firm as their contractors and entrepreneurs gain a new passion for what they do.

The NXT Wave brand has a strong passion for the sales and marketing industry and consistently seeks to innovate, expand and improve. The strong learning culture at the firm is driven by the Managing Director Jamiesh Holait who, through his passion for business, entrepreneurship, and success, ensures that his workforce at NXT Wave stay on top of their professional game, and continue to advance in their chosen career. 

‘I am proud of how NXT Wave can incorporate personal and professional development as we continue to drive success for our clients’ added the firm’s Managing Director. ‘Our associates are key to our progress and growth, which is why I invest my time and effort into their development. Events like last weekend are an essential part of this’ concluded Jamiesh Holait.

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