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NXT Wave

NXT Wave investigates the importance of taking advice from those in your dream job

NXT Wave is a vibrant sales and marketing firm. The company works with an array of Fortune 500 and high profile companies. 

The business has an extensive list of positive testimonials that are the result of NXT Wave’s innovative and dynamic campaigns.  

The firm’s recent morning meetings have focused upon professional advice, and the importance of taking on mentorship from entrepreneurs in aspirational job roles and not those who inevitably offer information on subjects they know little about. The firm has detailed their top examples of poor advice and how to transform this into productive guidance to help their young professionals reach their personal and professional targets.  

There’s no “I” in team: NXT Wave recognises the importance of teamwork within the business sector as vital, an undoubtedly important skill that applies to a multitude of tasks and projects. However, the firm is adamant that young professionals at the company must occasionally think of themselves, and their personal development, without a sense of guilt.  

Work Hard: NXT Wave state that this piece of advice can often get misapplied in a variety of situations, exploring that the guidance should expand to “work hard, and prioritise”. The firm is encouraging their aspiring entrepreneurs to not dwell on trivial tasks and details, instead focus on high priority tasks.   

Stay in a job role you’re comfortable in: The firm believes that creating personal and professional challenges is the key to success, encouraging that the best way to learn and develop is through hands-on experience. NXT Wave advises their young professionals to push themselves, to challenge themselves and ultimately see success.  

Never say no: Although it is essential to challenge and work hard within the workplace, NXT Wave details the importance of being able to say no. Often aspiring entrepreneurs take on too many responsibilities, resulting in burning themselves out. The firm advises their professionals to prioritise and learn to delegate.  

NXT Wave hopes their guide and workshop on common bad advice will give their aspiring entrepreneurs the ability to progress well within the sales and marketing sector. With a wealth of knowledge behind them, the NXT Wave team encourages their workforce to ask for guidance from those veterans within the industry, to understand what works and ultimately, what doesn’t.

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