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NXT Wave Evaluate the Value of Strong Competition

NXT Wave Evaluate the Value of Strong Competition

As a fiercely competitive business owner, NXT Wave’s Managing Director, Jamiesh Holait has been sharing the importance of creating a competitive environment that enables his contractors to thrive.

As an avid sports fan, NXT Wave’s Managing Director, Jamiesh Holait has learnt a lot about the art of competition, and he has seen dedicated sportsmen and women overcome adversity and achieve extraordinary success because of their competitive nature and their drive and determination to succeed. The entrepreneur contends that healthy competition is pivotal to business success.

At NXT Wave their primary goal is to ensure they remain at the forefront of the competition, understanding that the attention and focus put into their contractors is a crucial component of achieving that objective.  Award-winning entrepreneur, Jamiesh Holait believes that competition is vital for people to thrive and that competition is the number one way to achieve extraordinary success. The entrepreneur has revealed the main benefits of competition.


Competition forces people to get their creative juices flowing and to think outside of the box. Without competition, it can be difficult to improve; however, healthy competition forces people to innovate and get better.


A lack of competition can lead to complacency, and that is counterproductive. At NXT Wave they have found that competition pushes people to innovate and get better.


NXT Wave frequently runs internal competitions, and this has resulted in a boost to productivity. Mr Holait argues that when people have an incentive to work towards, it instils a sense of urgency, pushes people to work harder and overcome obstacles, and as a result productivity levels increase.


Having a work environment that fosters a competitive spirit leads to improved morale argues NXT Wave. The firm has implemented a recognition and reward culture as a part of their competitive environment, and the firm has seen a boost to morale. “Offering incentives to people makes them feel acknowledged and appreciated and leads to a more engaged and loyal workforce,” commented Mr Holait.

Winning Mentality

NXT Wave argues that developing a winning mentality is integral to business success. Managing Director, Jamiesh Holait contends that competition helps people to unleash their competitive edge and develop a winning mentality.

“I’ve always been hugely competitive, and since becoming a business owner, I’ve realised just how important it is to keep yourself in a healthy competitive mindset to succeed. This is the main thing I want all of our contractors to come away with and remember.” Commented Mr Holait.

NXT Wave is using competition in their company culture to get the best out of their contractors. The Liverpool-based firm regularly runs internal competitions as part of their recognition and reward culture. Managing Director, Jamiesh Holait believes that competition inspires urgency, improves motivation and maximises productivity.

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