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NXT Wave blaze into the summer with 150% growth

NXT Wave blaze into the summer with 150% growth

In keeping with the heatwave currently sweeping the nation, NXT Wave has reported a flaming hot spike in recruitment.

Thanks to a recent revamp, the Liverpool based sales and marketing connoisseurs have experienced an astonishing 150 percent growth in their recruitment which has lead them to reflect on the importance of attracting the best talent to succeed.

Reflecting on the recent recruitment growth a NXT Wave spokesperson revealed: “We are delighted to be experiencing such a continuous increase in our recruitment recently. Our latest recruitment drive aimed to attract the very best talent, and we have certainly achieved that.” NXT Wave is known for providing invaluable personal development opportunities and this, along with their great company culture, has helped them attract the very best talent.

NXT Wave management has reported a noticeable change in attitude amongst their contractors. The firm believes this is a result of their conscious efforts to improve morale and build a welcoming, friendly and overall positive working environment. Liverpool is known as a city that embraces good workplace culture to increase productivity and according to a survey conducted by Bright HR; “business owners in the North West are leading the charge in creating fun workplace cultures to attract and retain the best talent and increase productivity.”

In addition to the positive company culture, NXT Wave believes their location in the North West of England has played a part in the increased interest from young professionals. As a booming student city, Liverpool is filled with ambitious young graduates looking for a creative, competitive environment to develop professionally.

The firm now plans to use this boost to expand to other UK cities and dominate the industry by training and nurturing the countries next generation of entrepreneurs.

NXT Wave’s focus remains on adaptability, eager to continue the development of our brand ambassadors throughout the entirety of their time with the company. With a primary goal to ensure they remain at the forefront of the competition, NXT Wave understands that the attention and focus put into company contractors is a crucial component of achieving that objective.


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