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No Degree, No Problem, NXT Wave MD reveals how candidates can stand out in graduate season

NXT Wave MD reveals how candidates can stand out in graduate season

As the graduate season is in full flight it is vital for job seekers not to shy away from graduate roles, the firm reveals how candidates can boost their potential irrespective of the qualifications.

With graduates hitting the job market heavily during this period NXT Wave hopes to inspire those without a degree to still pursue vacancies for which they may not meet all the academic requirements. Working with young entrepreneurs, the firm has experience developing individuals with and without degrees. Both have achieved great success in the fast-developing market.  In a recent interview, NXT Wave Managing Director Jamiesh Holait revealed how those without a degree could be standout candidates this graduate season.

1. Think outside the application – NXT Wave urges people to be creative when sharing experiences which highlight marketable skills. They should share details on projects which spotlight writing skills, leadership qualities or the ability to achieve consistent results. “LinkedIn profiles are a quick and effective way to communicate skills, values and achievements with employers. Take pride in developing a strong 4D profile which captures the attention”, outlines the MD.

2. Understand the company’s pain points – Candidates should take time to consider why a company is recruiting. If all aspects of the business were perfect hiring managers would be out of a job. “Be sure to take the time during the interview to ask what solutions recruits are could to provide, and follow that answer by drawing on experience or ideas which will bring the company closer to a solution to stand out against the crowd”, continues Mr Holait.

3. Demonstrate an ability to learn – “At NXT Wave we make decisions on growth mindset and personality over specific skill set. By matching candidates into our company culture means we can develop a healthy business built on quality and integrity. Someone who can demonstrate an open mind and a passion for learning can go a whole lot further than someone with a host of qualifications and a know it all attitude.”

4. Build an industry network – Once the professional destination is figured out, NXT Wave believes people need to take the time to note people who are already there and use LinkedIn to forge a connection. “Reaching out to find out more about their backstory and correlate any common ground will give a person a head start over their competitors”, concludes Jamiesh Holait.

NXT Wave welcomes all education levels during this summer’s recruitment drive, send an updated CV to the office for consideration.

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