Don’t just make a ripple, make a wave.

What does NXT Wave do?

With increased demand for the firm to grow and expand we are always looking for our next internally promoted senior manager to grow with us and take the company to the next level.

Two of the fundamental philosophies of the company are no seniority and internal promotion; so those with the work ethic and attitude will excel within the company.

All of our current management team started out at the entry level role and have progressed to their current positions.

How is NXT Wave different from other companies?

Our team is the undeniable difference between us and others. We pride ourselves on having a driven, vibrant and ambitious team, prepared to go above and beyond for our clients.

Why is event marketing so effective?

A successfully put together event has many benefits; it increases brand awareness, brand exposure and customer engagement. Utilising this channel of marketing allows us to interact and influence customers and in doing so increases our clients market share on the day. We are also able to tailor an individual’s experience to them and make it unique.

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